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Donate Repurposed Items

The PlayHouse welcomes in-kind donations of materials and services, including safe, clean, non-toxic manufacturing scraps and household recyclables. 

We are ALWAYS interested in the following items:

Dowel rods/wooden skewers
Popsicle sticks/paint sticks
Golf tees
Scrap wood

Scrap laminate flooring
Scrap PVC pipe

Florist wire/spool wire/metal hangers
Nails/screws/nuts/washers (all sizes)
Metal hardware (hinges, pulls, keys, eye hooks, fasteners, etc.)
Metal and plastic rings/clips

Cardboard pieces/spools
Glue sticks
Duct tape
Masking tape

Styrofoam food trays
Fruit netting
Tin cans/metal containers (soup, mint, band-aid, coffee, etc.)
Metal and plastic bottle caps
Plastic containers (yogurt, fruit cups, sour cream, etc.)
Plastic and metal lids

Game pieces
Broken toys
Springs/plastic toy parts

Fabric scraps
Empty thread spools
Safety pins
Pipe cleaners
Pom poms
Foam stickers
Googly eyes

Stray parts from broken electronics or appliances (dvd/vhs players, keyboards, phones, calculators, toasters, coffee makers, cameras, etc.)

Anything small, old, metal/plastic/wood, or interesting that could be used to make a fun, unique project!

Do you have a question about a possible donation? Call (309) 323-6894.

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum